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We are a team of experienced lawyers with a strong background in financial and corporate law.

Lithuanian Law Firm

Lithuanian Law Firm

Updated on Tuesday 28th March 2017

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Our Law Firms in Lithuania are built on values such as social justice with the goal of bringing to the fore your company’s interest by guaranteeing absolute respect and professionalism in all actions undertaken by our lawyers in Lithuania.

We guarantee with all responsibility that our team’s experience gained either in exercising their profession in legal, accountant or mediation field, either by continuous information in the area of expertise, will be used exclusively in our customer’s service.

We propose continuous development of methods and techniques used in the legal assistance and representation services before any jurisdictional authorities in Lithuania, while improving our skills in our legal activities, in order to meet all our customer’s needs.  

In this sense, our Law Firms in Lithuania maintain and develop collaboration agreements with recognized professionals in areas such as notary, technical expertise, evaluation, accounting and tax expertise.

Our Law Firms in Lithuania provide in one place a complete range of professional services in order to open a company in Lithuania and we take care of the registration fees, registered office services, nominee shareholder, nominee director, setting the documents for certification and authentication.

An entrepreneur may choose to register a business from a vast range of types of businesses, but the most popular forms are the sole proprietorship, public limited liability company, private limited liability company, general partnership or the limited partnership. Work with our lawyers for customized and professional support for obtaining the wanted results in optimum time.

Ask our lawyers for advice before starting the procedure of opening a company in Lithuania, as the entire action may become demanding, but working with our Law Firms in Lithuania the operation can be completed in maximum three working days.

Close a company in Lithuania with minimum effort by working with our lawyers. When you are put in the situation of liquidating a company in Lithuania, you should know that this procedure may be the result of the company’s members free will (called the voluntary liquidation) or may become a compulsory action by a Court decision. If you want to close your company you may already encounter several problems such as the expiration of the time posted in the articles of association, the achieving of the purposes stated in those articles or your company has broken the law or if it is facing bankruptcy.

By working with our Law Firms in Lithuania you will solve this procedure in the best conditions for you, as our lawyers have a solid legal background and experience to guide you to the best solution.

We also provide full service and representation for debt collection in Lithuania, in any phase of the procedure. However, you should ask our lawyers’ advice since the beginning as they have the entire legal framework to start each action provided by the law. From this point of view, our Law Firms in Lithuania are able to assist you in the amicable settlement, in the trial procedure, in the attachment and seizure proceedings and even in all post-trial actions. Contact us for customized support in order to recover the debt in the best conditions.  

Finance, accounting, banking are essential notions for your company and it is very important to comply with all the regulations provided by the law in this filed. Our Law Firms in Lithuania provide full services in the financial and tax areas by working with skilful accountants who will offer you all the needed advice and representation before the public authorities.

It is also very important for a foreign entrepreneur to ask for our consultancy in avoiding the double tax. Our team will inform and counsel you about all the Double Tax Treaties signed by Lithuania and you will get all the needed information about your advantages deriving from this. For example, these agreements are very advantageous when it comes to withholding taxes on dividends, interests and royalties paid to non-resident entities. 

Our lawyers have the right to advocate litigation before all Courts in Lithuania, of any degree and they manages a portfolio of contentious cases that includes commercial disputes of varying degrees of complexity, and fiscal contentious litigation in specialized areas (insurance, credit institutions), in property law or labor right.